The Owl Room Compilation Volume One

Members of the Trekky Records Collective created The Owl Room Recording Cooperative in the Summer of 2008, trying to apply a classic, membership based coop system to a recording studio. Members help cover the rent of the studio and contribute whatever equipment they have to create a whole studio that all can share. Since then, The Owl Room has become a homebase for recording demos, full albums and live sessions.

Here we present The Owl Room Compilation Volume One, an assortment of tracks recorded exclusively in The Owl Room, including three songs from the first Sessions at the Owl Room recording session. The homemade compilation will be available at all Trekky bands' shows, and you can also order it from our Online Store.

MP3 | Joe Norkus - Sunday Morning (Rise) [from The Owl Room Compilation Volume One]

1. Joe Norkus - Sunday Morning (Rise)
2. Hi Ho Silver Oh - Perjury
3. Joah Tunnell - Monster
4. Spaghetti Western - cold cold hours
5. Wil Donegan - Over You
6. Greasy Joan - Dancing to a Different Tune
7. Emperikal Evaden$e feat. Slim Chimney and Sweet William - Willing Partner
8. Butterflies - Wanna Fight?
9. Vibrant Green - Baby Pumpkin
10. The Never - Vampire
11. Jon Mackey - Did You Ever Really Love Me
12. The Big Picture - Firepower

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